Directors - monthly share purchase

Westside Investments plc, the AIM listed investment vehicle, announces that it was informed on 11 March  2013 that on that date the directors of the Company listed below purchased ordinary shares of 0.1p each at a price of 0.176p.

These purchases are pursuant to the trading agreements to facilitate the automatic purchase of existing shares in the Company, through market purchases on a monthly basis over a twelve month period, as detailed in the announcement by the Company on 3 July 2012.

Name Number of shares acquired Total resultant shareholding
Richard Owen [1] 248,500 115,804,501
Geoffrey Simmonds [2] 248,500 115,796,543
John Zucker 71,000 32,297,921
David Hillel 71,000 4,051,285
David Coldbeck 71,000 6,712,194

[1] 113,875,000  held through United Trading Corporation Limited, 1,929,501 held in own name
[2] 106,136,362 ordinary shares held through Avonlaw Limited, 7,610,000 held through G Simmonds SIPP,


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